Painting is playing on a color-violin, seventy-times-seven stringed,
 and inventing your tune as you play it! 
Definitely all the technical and media questions shall have their place 
… but the primary question of all is – can you play?

John Ruskin

I always had a specific sense of color. Fascination with color is why I started to paint. Passion for color pushed me out of my career as a physicist towards the uncertain path of a freelance self-employed artist. Infatuation with color made me forget everything I had been taught in an art studio. It made me do everything differently. I can’t explain the nature of my relationship with colors, but I know that colors make me excited, happy, sad or even physically sick.

 I begin a new piece by making the classic, typically realistic sketches. Then I feel that I am not honest enough. I feel unsatisfied and sometimes disappointed. Starting from this point I continue my work by literally “thinking” on my canvas, or rather "emotioning" on my canvas. I put thick mono-color layers of paint to create a comfortable environment for myself. Then, I shape a character in this new colorful and welcoming reality, concentrating on some details and neglecting others. Sometimes I make my paintings deliberately flat; sometimes I shape them roughly with paints and dabs as if they are made out of wet, compliant clay. Somehow an art-germ uses the soil of my imagination and life experience. As a result, I end up with my plot expressed in dominating colors. Not always though. Sometimes I experiment.

 It is always hard to avoid confusion between personal matters and the miraculous machinery of Art in any statement, but I gave you my best shot.

Anna Seven



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