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Available Collection I Available Collection I (8 items)
The septych is based on Alexander Pushkin's famous poem called "The Prophet". Each work is a visualization of certain lines from the poem.

Available Collection II Available Collection II (5 items)
Fish Pool

Available Collection III Available Collection III (9 items)
It's Jungle Out There
San Francisco City Views

Available Collection IV Available Collection IV (3 items)
Royal Lilies Series

Oil Paintings Oil Paintings (18 items)

Acrylic Paintings Acrylic Paintings (33 items)

Oil Pastels Oil Pastels (9 items)

Colored Pencils Colored Pencils (34 items)

Watercolors Watercolors (21 items)

Illustrations Illustrations (43 items)

Miniatures Miniatures (25 items)

12 Icons 12 Icons (12 items)
acrylic on board stretched canvases

Fine Art of Anna Seven

 ANNA SEVENSan Francisco, CA(415) 336-3575

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