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What wonderful uplifting work you do. I'm the person who invited you to the forty Fridas show in Oakland. Guess I'll have to come to San Francisco to see your work! You inspire me.
-- Jan Stamos, 4/13/16

Anna, Thank you for visiting with me in the Jack London museum this afternoon. I've been blessed to know you a little better by reading your interesting biography. Viewing your colorful art work is encouraging me to return to spending more time creating my art. I hope Rubina thoroughly enjoyed those well-earned shrimp from the Glen Ellen Market. My red chard was wonderful!
-- Terilynn, 2/14/16

Awesome Work..I love all your categories ..very vibrant colors used ..I am glad I checked your site.
-- Chetna Pandya, 7/17/12

Vibrant and quirky; such talent! Thanks for sharing them.
-- Sara Ganz, 5/3/12

-- Rubina Tycoon, 12/31/11

Hello Anna, It's good to see your work on the internet. I love that your work is startlingly original. Wishing you a prosperous new year.
-- Ellen B Pascal, 1/5/11

Спасибо, Анна, что пригласили меня на ваш сайт. Посмотрел ваше творчество. Довольно необычно и интересно. Мне нравится. Привет от Лены. Чао!
-- Александр Будченко, 1/20/10

Hey maybe you would like to post some of your art on Very cool art you do!
-- Paul, 11/5/09

David Thornton Knapp brilliante!
-- David Thornton Knapp , 10/16/09

Felice CiprianiGreat Colours Striking Vibrant cheers Felice
-- Felice Cipriani, 7/4/09

Fine Art of Anna Seven

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